Mahi Kāinga: Week 10 – 11, due April 15th

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Your mahi kāinga for the next week and a half is to complete some of the tasks from Week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

This weeks challenges are all about being fair when we use images and sounds we find online. It’s super important (and just good manners!) to make sure that when we use something we haven’t created ourselves that we give credit to the place we found it or people who created it.

Watch the video above, it shows an example of how people might feel when they don’t get proper credit for their work.


  • Complete at least three of the Student Blogging Challenge Activities. Remember to leave a comment on the Student Blogging post to show you have done them.
  • Check that your blog address is showing up properly as a link on the Student Blogging List. If it is missing, use this link to sign back up.
  • Continue to leave some comments on other blogs, both from our class and classes from other schools.

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