Mahi Kāinga: Week 3 – 4, Due Monday May 23rd May



Here are the guidelines and options for this weeks mahi kāinga! You can choose one or more of the following challenges.

Recipe Tester

Treat yo self (or someone else) by choosing and making a delicious recipe! Here’s what I’d like you to do…

  • Choose a recipe that you love or find a new one that looks good, either online or in a recipe book.
  • Innovate on your recipe. Add new flavours, substitute ingredients, change some ingredient amounts but not others, dip it in chocolate, liquify it, do a mash up of two different recipes. Post this new recipe on your blog with photos and comments on how it turned out.


Get something or learn something new

  • First, pick a thing. It could be a thing that you already know how to do or something totally new. It does need to be something that can be measured in someway. Some examples are: juggling, running, saying the alphabet in a new language, drawing, making the perfect cupcake, origami, perfecting a photoshop edit.
  • Write a blog post explaining what your thing is and how often you are going to do it to get better at it (daily, every second day, three times a week, etc).
  • Document evidence of you doing the thing and your results. Post this on your blog either throughout the week or as a round up post at the end.

100 Word Challenge

Have a go at this weeks 100 Word Challenge. You can find the prompt here. Remember to write your piece of writing on to your blog and proof read your work before posting. Once you have written it, login to the 100WC site with the details I have emailed you and submit your writing!

Weekly Quiz

If you’d like to do the Weekly Quiz for your homework this week, see me for a handout 🙂

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