Mahi Kāinga: Week 5 – 6, due Monday 6th June



Here’s our list of homework options for this week. Remember, there must be evidence of a finished thing or what you’re in the middle of working on either on your blog, in a doc or in a hard copy to me by Monday. This could just be a blog post talking about what you’re working, screen shots, planning for a project, etc.

Student Ideas

  • Make and share a video of your pet (New)
  • Make an animation of last weeks project (New)
  • Make/construct a project (this could be coding, building, craft, lego, animation, etc)
  • Make a movie (here’s some stop motion apps to check out)
  • Design your own sport
  • Get better at something and blog about it (see last week)
  • Find a new hobby
  • Design a apocalyptic bunker
  • Design your dream home
  • Design a car
  • Repeat the baking challenge from last week
  • Watch and review a movie/some movies. Create your own rating system and look at other movie reviews to get an idea for what language to use. Get some inspiration here, here and here.

100 Word Challenge

Have a go at this weeks 100 Word Challenge. You can find the prompt here. Remember to write your piece of writing on to your blog and proof read your work before posting. Once you have written it, login to the 100WC site with the details I have emailed you and submit your writing!

Weekly Quiz

If you’d like to do the Weekly Quiz for your homework this week, see me for a handout if you’d prefer to have a hard copy


  1. Okey dokey!

  2. apocalypses bunker, no problem

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