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Kia ora koutou! We are a Year 7/8 (10-12yr olds) class at Karori Normal School in Te Whanganui a Tara, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand), otherwise known as The Coolest Little Capital in the world.

Our class loves trying new things, thinking outside of the box and learning by doing things we love (art, minecraft, gaming, P.E.). We can be REALLY LOUD, sometimes we listen to music and sing along while we’re working – you might even catch some of us dancing. We think it is important to work together as a whanau and try to fit lollies into learning wherever possible.

Check out the links to our student blogs over in our sidebar or follow us on twitter and get in touch!


  1. Can everyone actually edit it??¿¿

  2. can you please change it.

  3. Hi! I’m Helena from Rm25 and I think your blog is really cool!

  4. If any of you know me, this is to them: hi it’s me, How are you? Looks like you’re all happy. Stay that way. Well cool blog 🙂
    To those of you who still don’t know me: I went to this school last year. Ask people who know me who I am. ;D

    Have a glorious end of year/ 1 week of term and 1 more term.
    Happy Holydays!
    -Elisabth Hackemesser

  5. G’day Room 27 KNS students,
    Welcome to the March 2015 student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities to choose from each week. Make sure you connect with other classes around the world. These can be found in the header area of the blog.

    Maybe your teacher could add a link to the challenge in the sidebar of your class blog. You could do this using the new 2015 challenge badge – see the post explaining how to add the badge to your blog.

  6. I like the image

  7. julias not in the photo :0

  8. Hi Ms. Nathan-

    I found your blog through the Student Blogging Challenge, and I’ve spent a good 20 minutes roaming around your posts and pages. What a delightful collection you’ve assembled for the world to see. You are definitely a technology whiz, and I’m really impressed by some of your blog features. How did you create the Homework widget and what does it link to–a page? Very cool.

    Like your students, mine are highly motivated by candy (lollies). Nerds and Jolly Ranchers seem to be the top candy pulled from my Friday bucket.

    How are you adding videos to your comments? I am cracking up reliving all those episodes of Friends!

    We’d love for your students to swing by and say hello to some of my 74 sixth graders.

    We’ll be back to say hello and check on your blog again.

    Mrs. Rombach from Virginia, USA

    • Hi Mrs Rombach! Thanks so much for visiting us and your kind words about our blog. I love using blogging as a teacher, it is such a powerful tool!

      The homework widget is just an image widget and I swapped the link for the url for the homework category tag – I hope that makes sense? The comments are gifs that I find online and I insert them via the comment reply section in the dashboard by clicking the ‘img’ button (I think that’s what it is labelled!).

      I’m looking forward to coming and exploring your blog!

      Ms Nathan

  9. Hi, this is Josie Greenwood. I just thought I would see what is going on in Rm 27 at the moment. It sounds like you are having loads of fun! I love your class photo, it is very cool. I hope you all have a great time as seniors at KNS.

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