March 15, 2016
by msnathan

Best New Thing In The World: Amazing Biodegradable Food Packaging!

sugar packaging

biodegradeable packagingI was browsing Tumblr last night and came across this really awesome system for packaging that biodegrades AND also only lasts as long as the food inside it. Right now, milk will go off long before it’s container would ever break down and stop polluting the earth. For example, the oil container above is made out of caramelized sugar and coated with wax that you crack like an egg, but once it’s cracked the wax no longer protects the sugar and will melt when it comes in contact with packaging1bio packaging2bio packaging5The smoothie package above is made out of gel from agar agar seaweed and water, to open it you pick the top. It will slowly wither as the smoothie starts to get packaging3 bio packaging4This package made of biodegradable beeswax and to open it you peel it like a fruit! It’s made for storing dried goods like rice and grains.

The company who made these also made this cool self opening package. It opens itself in the oven when the food has reached the correct temperature for serving. What a cool idea!Have you seen anything like this before? Could you think of any other ideas for systems of storing food that isn’t wasteful and bad for the planet? I bet this packaging started from a pretty wild idea!

Source: Tomorrow Machine

March 14, 2016
by msnathan

Mahi Kāinga: Week 7 – 8, due Monday 21st March


Your mahi kāinga this week is to design ‘something’ to sell the house that you’re currently designing in our maths activity. You can do this on your blog (a post, slideshow, Prezi, Thinglink, Canva) or you could create a physical brochure/flyer/poster to bring in.

Things to include:

  • An address
  • A catchy title to draw the reader in
  • Images (you can find them online or draw them)
  • What the house comes with (eg stove, dishwasher, curtains, etc)
  • What else is in the area (eg schools, parks, shopping, etc)
  • 1 – 2 paragraphs persuading the buyer to come and look at the house
  • How the buyer would contact you

I would suggest looking at Trademe and/or the Property Press to help you think about what language to use when selling your house.

March 12, 2016
by msnathan

Embedding Tutorials

A couple of tutorials to show you how to embed Thinglinks and Google Slides into your blog. You’ll notice that the steps are pretty similar! I’ve put both of these on our Tips & Tricks page where you’ll find all sorts of other tutorials to help you on your blog 🙂

March 11, 2016
by msnathan

Cats run the internet

In Nathan Base, Kererū Block we’ve been learning to make interactive images using Thinglink! Thinglink is another cool way of presenting information, but we wanted to make it more than just a poster that didn’t need any deeper thinking. So, we have made Thinglinks that persuade the reader of…something! Mine of course, is that cats run the internet. Hover over the image to see my evidence!

March 7, 2016
by msnathan

Mahi Kainga: Week 6 – 7, due Monday 14th March

cat ipad

There are two tasks for mahi kāinga this week:

  1. Gaming: create a blog post about some of your favourite games and what you liked about them, or games you have seen/heard of and would like to try (and why). Also maybe discuss a couple of features of games you have played and don’t like. Comment on 3 blog posts with feedback and ideas.
  2. Finish your Thinglink and have a go at embedding it into your blog. I will post a tutorial for how to do this 🙂 When you post it, make sure to include what the idea is that you’re trying to persuade people of!

March 2, 2016
by msnathan
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Purea nei

This year our whole school is learning the waiata Purea Nei so that we have something to sing at school events, powhiri (welcome) and poroporoaki (farewell). Here’s a clip that you can use to help you learn the words and tune.

We’ve also been learning and revising lots of kupu (words) in our Te Reo lessons with Whaea Adrienne. Leave a comment with any that you can remember in both Te Reo and English!

February 29, 2016
by msnathan

Mahi Kāinga: Week 5, due Friday 4th March


Your mahi kainga this week is to make a case for either changing the flag or keeping it the same on your blog. You can do it by writing, making a video, embedding a slide show (use Google Slides for this) or design an infographic. Thing about what your point of view is and why.  Here are the alternative flag designs to get you thinking.

If you’d like to discuss or debate your ideas you can join the discussion in our Google Classroom.


February 19, 2016
by msnathan

Maihi Kāinga: Term 1, Week 3-4 (Due 26th Feb)


This week for mahi kāinga (homework), we’re going to continue getting our blogs set up & making them awesome. It would be really great to have people from our school or around the world visiting our blogs and then coming back for more. But how do we make sure our blog is awesome?

Here are your tasks for the week: 

– Go and look at the winners of last years student blogging awards. You’ll find them here. Use them to get some ideas for making your blog awesome. 

– If you haven’t already, create an about page telling readers about yourself and how you’ll be using your blog.

– Create a post that people will want to come and read. A tip for getting people to engage with your blog is to ask a question for them to answer in the comment section!

– Leave a comment on one other blog from our class. 

– Leave a comment on this post telling me what you think makes a blog awesome and one that people will want to read. 

Don’t forget to complete your MathsMates sheet and bring it in on Friday for marking!

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