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Here’s an ever growing list of tips and links that will help you either get your blog started or make it even better than it already is!

Adding and deleting pages and posts 

Inserting links, images/photos and YouTube videos. 

This video is a bit long, so here are the time marks if you want to skip ahead to the part you want:

1:30 – Adding a photo

5:25 – Inserting a link to another page

9:25 – Sizing your images

12:40 – Inserting a video from YouTube so it plays in your blog post.

 Tagging and Categorising Your Posts

Creating a blog button

I know this is a bit of a long video, but in it I teach you how to make two different types of images that can be used as a blog button. I’m not going to put time marks in for this one because its all pretty linked together but you could still jump around if need be.

Embedding a Thinglink into your blog

Embedding Google Slides into your blog


  1. I tried copying and pasting a youtube video like you did but it and I preview it and nothing came up only the title of the post is there any way I can fix this
    Thanks, Alex

    • I’m going to have a quick look at your posts now Alex and I’ll let you know!

    • I just tried adding a video into one of your posts and it worked for me, so I wonder if you need to refresh the page or tab that your preview is open? The other thing is to make sure when you paste in the YouTube link it isn’t highlighted like a regular link or the video won’t show up but a link will instead. If you’re totally lost, don’t worry because I can show you on Monday. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. ive tried but I cant do it I put the link and it didnt work

  3. What widget did you use for your pet, mabel?

  4. What screen recording app did you use for your awesome tutorials?

  5. Hey Oliver, I used QuickTime to do it and it was super easy. I’m sure there are other great apps & programs but this one came on my laptop and I’m guessing is on all the school laptops. You just open up QuickTime then go to ‘File’ and select ‘New Screen Recording’ then you’re away!

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