November 6, 2015
by msnathan



Hooray, Room 27 is participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the very first time! Our word counts goals have been set and we’re all feeling excited about a month of no editing or proof-reading. In fact, we’re banishing our inner editor until December!

A few things to remember:

– This is your homework for the rest of the month. Monday of Week 8 will be our final writing day and then we’ll have a wrap party to celebrate (woohoo!).

– Check your word count and update it on your NaNoWriMo page daily or every couple of days so we can keep track of how the class is doing. To check your word count select tools and then word count or type command + shift + c

– Make sure you have updated your word count goal so that it no longer says 30,000 (unless you want to make that your goal!). To do this, log into your NaNoWriMo page, select My NaNoWriMo in the top menu and then Edit Novel Info in the side bar.

Happy writing!

August 17, 2015
by msnathan

#kidspeaknz no.1!


I’m really excited to announce that the first ever #KIDspeaknz is happening tomorrow afternoon! This is a chat that has come about after some teachers and I were chatting on Twitter and wondering what if we gave the reigns over to the kids and ask them what they’d like to talk about? Our students are now more connected than ever and with that connectivity comes students who are empowered with a voice worth listening to!

This week the topic of devices in the classroom came up so Room 27 wrote the following questions:

  • What curriculum areas do you use your devices for?
  • Do you think having your own device helps you learn? Why/why not? How?
  • Do you still work with other people or off your device?
  • Are there any possible negatives about having devices in the classroom?

Looking forward to having students from Tamatea Intermediate, Bohally Intermediate and Aorere College join us at 2pm tomorrow! Any other schools are welcome to join, nau mai, haere mai!

August 5, 2015
by msnathan

Twitter Learning Conversation

We have started collaborating with a class at Ridgway School in Brooklyn, Wellington and it’s pretty exciting. Every Friday we’ll be doing a maths challenge at the same time while the teachers tweet out the learning and then in the middle block we’ll be having a tweet chat about literacy using the hashtag #rm278wellynz. The cool thing about using a tweet chat is that each week we’ll be able to see how we improve in our writing. Writing a tweet is a challenge as you have to get all your meaning across in only 140 characters, so you have to think carefully about what you want to say. We’ll also be learning how to question effectively and have a discussion back and forwards about each weeks topic.

For our test run we were introducing ourselves, tweeting about what book we’re currently reading, how we’re feeling about using Twitter in class and also being challenged to reply to other tweets. Each week we’ll try to identify examples of good tweeting practice to both help us get better at writing tweets but also to help us be able to self assess our writing and thinking.

If you’d like to see the whole chat, you can see it here on our Storify. Here are a few great tweets from our first chat! Why do you think I might have chosen these ones. Let me know in the comments!

March 17, 2015
by msnathan

Signs, Symbols & Resistance

We are reading Amongst The Hidden by Margaret Haddix at the moment and it has us on the edge of our seats! It is a story about children who have to hide because the government has outlawed having anymore than two kids per family. Somethings that have come up has been rebelling against the government, demanding rights for everyone, secret symbols and a very powerful government that is able to get the people to obey a law they might disagree with. Now we’re working on creating either our own pieces of government propaganda or protest using this as our inspiration!

Have you ever seen any examples of propaganda or protest? What do you think about the quote on the first slide? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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