March 8, 2015
by msnathan
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Week 5 Round Up

This week we have…

Been let loose on Twitter for the first time.

BuddiesBecome teachers and wrangled small children.

Met Ms Holly’s class in Room 23 who are going to be our buddy class. They were funny and cute! We have all written posts introducing them on our blogs. Adam turned his buddy into a pie, Matthew write a wild and crazy post about his buddy Harry and there were many funny selfies taken, of course.

InsulationCombined maths and science.

Last week we tested out which materials would best insulate hot water in a paper coffee cup as part of our science investigation into energy. Each group tested different combinations of materials against each other and we had to think about what made something a fair test. This week we constructed line graphs to display and compare our data.

pictionaryLearnt new kupu (words).

Every Tuesday Whaea Adrienne comes into our room to teach us Te Reo Māori and this week we practiced what we’d been learning by having a pictionary race! We even tweeted out some questions about the new animal terms we learnt and the photo above to see if people on Twitter knew any te reo and could guess what our drawings were. Someone got maunga (mountain) correct but someone else thought we’d drawn parāora (bread) and we hadn’t!

IMG_4902Debated government policy.

Our class novel, Amongst The Hidden, is really starting to heat up. I’ve had lots of “Nooooo! You can’t stop THERE!” type comments when I finish the chapter for the day! In the story the main character is a hidden child because the government won’t let you have more than two children. This got us thinking about China’s One Child Policy so we brainstormed what possible positives and negatives there were. We realised that things are often not completely right or completely wrong. We also watched this video about the science behind what might happen to you if you never went outside after some students pointed out that Luke (the main character) would probably be pretty unhealthy both physically and mentally from staying hidden all day.

It’s been a pretty action packed week, really! We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve been up to or any questions you have about what we’ve been learning. Leave them in the comments!

March 21, 2014
by msnathan

Week 7 Roundup

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m going to try my best to do a weekly round of events each Friday so that parents and readers can see what we’ve been up to. Also, I’ll include any clips, links or photos that we’ve looked at during the week if you’d like to revisit them. Hopefully soon this will be taken off my hands by some of our budding expert bloggers!

This week we were talking a lot about blogging and in particular the importance of still proof-reading and editing your writing so that your audience both understands and enjoys what you’re posting. Here’s a clip we watched to give us a bit of an idea of what we might sound like if we forget to do this.

(Want to know how I added this video? Just copy the url link from the address bar of the youtube clip you want, then paste it into your post. Edublogs takes care of the rest!)

Speaking of blogging and using the laptops and iPads in our classroom, we talked about procrastination and thinking about all 30 students in our class not just ourselves. Sometimes it is way to tempting to just grab an iPad and start up a game even though the teacher or students are waiting for you. I mentioned an article I’d read about why procrastinators procrastinate…and admitted that I myself am a secret procrastinator. Here’s a link to the article if you’d like to read it (it’s a bit long but the images the writer made are pretty funny), for now I’ll leave you with something we’re hoping to learn how to control (a little bit, anyway). The Instant Gratification Monkey!

P brain


IGM RDM interacting 1

I’ll admit that it is hard to be doing what you’re meant to be doing when there are wonderful things like Candy Crush (I won’t link to it to save you from yourself if you have not yet played it) in the world, but I have been very impressed at the improvement in Room 27 over this week at self-management both individually and encouraging their classmates to be on task. Which meant we had time to watch funny cat videos on youtube at the end of the day on Wednesday!

Of course, a whole lot of the rest of our time has been taken up with preparation for Ultimate Challenge. The Year 7 & 8’s have really stepped up to the mark as leaders, honing their organisational skills and displaying the KNS Values. There will be many more Ultimate Challenge photos to come, but for now here’s Angus and his group The Silver Bullets hard at work on their flag preparation.

Silver Bullets

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

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