October 11, 2016
by msnathan

Citylife: plan your world


You have the opportunity of a lifetime, to create the ultimate city. Cities are nothing without their people. They make up the culture, the economy, the innovation and the community. How are you going to encourage people to choose your city to be a part of?

Brief doc

Collaborative resource doc

Have to have:

  • City name & slogan
  • Birds eye view of city center (detailed)
  • Birds eye view of total city
  • Advertising brochure/poster for your city (hard copy A3)
  • Piece of writing outlining industries/opportunities
  • Fact sheet/infographic: population, breakdown of demographics, climate, geography, cost of living, interesting facts/what’s special, political systems
  • Real estate ad for average home
  • Famous person/landmark/discovery, etc


  • Expo stand plan: 2 x desks, 1 Chromebook
  • How will you sell your city?

We would love to hear about your city and what you love about it. Please add to our Padlet below!

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