March 10, 2015
by msnathan

#kidsedchatnz: Inventive Thinking, Creativity, Passion & Talent

Tomorrow we are going to be joining kids all over Aotearoa to talk about creativity, cool inventions and our passions as part of #kidsedchatnz. This will be my first time as a teacher joining in and I am super excited! I was especially excited when I saw this weeks topic as it links so well to our 100 ideas in 10 min challenge we did on Monday. Have a look at this video to see what Kid president says about how to be a good inventor to get you ready. You can also take a look at the questions we’ll be answering over on the Kidsedchat blog. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

August 16, 2014
by msnathan

Homework Week 4, due Thursday 21st August

First up, watch this quick video explaining the Theseus Paradox or Theseus’s Ship. The guy talking is a little annoying but stick with it!

Here is another way to think about this paradox (remember, a paradox is a statement that appears to contradict itself yet could still be true):

Let’s say you build a ship using 100 pieces of wood. You name this ship “Ship” (obviously you’re a creative genius the likes of which the world has never seen). Every day, you take one wooden piece off Ship and replace it with a metal one. Eventually, you’ve replaced every single piece with a metal one. Now, what if you take all those wooden pieces and built a completely identical ship which you also name “Ship”? Which Ship is the real Ship?

– Your first task is to add your thoughts about this paradox in the comments section. You can either leave a comment or reply to someone else’s comment. Think about: do you think Theseus’s Ship is still his ship when parts have been replaced? If a new ship is built does that become the ship of Theseus? If so, when do you think it stops being Theseus’s Ship and starts being something new. Try to be detailed and clear in your response.

– Next, go to the Thunks website and read through some of the questions and statements then choose one you would like to debate on your blog. Post the ‘thunk’ on your blog (either copy and paste it into a post or retype it) and write what your thoughts are on it. Be detailed, give examples, think about it from different points of view before coming to a conclusion and reflect that in your writing.

– Discuss the ‘thunk’ with 2 or 3 people at home and summarise their thoughts on your blog.

– Choose three other blogs to read their philosophising and leave a comment with your thoughts on the ‘thunk’ they chose. Then, once some other people have also commented on it go back and leave one more reply. Also, try to reply to the comments people leave on your blog, too.

August 1, 2014
by msnathan

Homework: Week 2, due Thursday 7th August (Treat yo self!)


Recipe Tester

For homework this week, treat yo self (or someone else) by choosing and making a delicious recipe! Here’s what I’d like you to do…

–       Chose a recipe that you love or find a new one that looks good, either online or in a recipe book.

–       Link to or write out the recipe on your blog.

–      Modification #1 – adjust the size/amount of your recipe by either increasing or decreasing the recipe. You will need to increase or decrease each ingredient – adjust the size/amount of your recipe by either increasing or decreasing the recipe. You will need to increase or decrease each ingredient by the same ratio. So, decide if you’re going to double, halve, increase by a third/quarter/50% or whatever you like and rewrite (or type) out your recipe before making it. Post your new recipe on your blog with photos and comments on how it turned out.

–   Modification #2 – innovate on your recipe. Add new flavours, substitute ingredients, change some ingredient amounts but not others, dip it in chocolate, liquify it. Post this new recipe on your blog with photos and comments on how it turned out.

For both modifications, share your results with a friend or family member and include their feedback in your blog post/s.

If you wanted to know how to make it so your blog shows only a part of the post with a link to reveal the full post (like the ‘read more’ link you’ll get on longer FB posts or comments) then here’s a tutorial.

May 19, 2014
by msnathan

Science Inspiration

Osmia Avoseta copy

bees-flower-nests-sandwich-action-shot_20045_600x450Osmia avosetta are rare, solitary bees. Instead of living in a hive with hundreds or thousands of other bees like we’re familiar with, these bees build ‘flower sandwiches’ out of flower petals and mud. The flower sandwiches are made up of a thin layer of petals, a layer of mud and then another layer of petals on the outside. When studying these bees researches noticed that bees in Turkey tend to pick yellow, pink, blue, and purple petals, while Iranian bees make their nests with just purple flowers. Read more and view more photos here.

tears1Tears of yawning (left) and laughing (right).

tears2Tears from onions (left) and tears of grief (right)

Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher wanted to know if her tears of joy might look different to tears of sadness so decided she would photograph them and see. She viewed the tears on slides under a microscope and took the photographs through the microscope itself with them magnified between 10-40 times. Amazingly, she did see differenced between them! You can see more tears and read more about the project, here.

Take these stories and images and do what you like with them. Write a poem, a story, create a piece of art, research further, write an interview for the scientists or artists, let your imagination lead the way!

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