October 11, 2016
by msnathan

Citylife: plan your world


You have the opportunity of a lifetime, to create the ultimate city. Cities are nothing without their people. They make up the culture, the economy, the innovation and the community. How are you going to encourage people to choose your city to be a part of?

Brief doc

Collaborative resource doc

Have to have:

  • City name & slogan
  • Birds eye view of city center (detailed)
  • Birds eye view of total city
  • Advertising brochure/poster for your city (hard copy A3)
  • Piece of writing outlining industries/opportunities
  • Fact sheet/infographic: population, breakdown of demographics, climate, geography, cost of living, interesting facts/what’s special, political systems
  • Real estate ad for average home
  • Famous person/landmark/discovery, etc


  • Expo stand plan: 2 x desks, 1 Chromebook
  • How will you sell your city?

We would love to hear about your city and what you love about it. Please add to our Padlet below!

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March 15, 2016
by msnathan

Best New Thing In The World: Amazing Biodegradable Food Packaging!

sugar packaging

biodegradeable packagingI was browsing Tumblr last night and came across this really awesome system for packaging that biodegrades AND also only lasts as long as the food inside it. Right now, milk will go off long before it’s container would ever break down and stop polluting the earth. For example, the oil container above is made out of caramelized sugar and coated with wax that you crack like an egg, but once it’s cracked the wax no longer protects the sugar and will melt when it comes in contact with water.bio packaging1bio packaging2bio packaging5The smoothie package above is made out of gel from agar agar seaweed and water, to open it you pick the top. It will slowly wither as the smoothie starts to get old.bio packaging3 bio packaging4This package made of biodegradable beeswax and to open it you peel it like a fruit! It’s made for storing dried goods like rice and grains.

The company who made these also made this cool self opening package. It opens itself in the oven when the food has reached the correct temperature for serving. What a cool idea!Have you seen anything like this before? Could you think of any other ideas for systems of storing food that isn’t wasteful and bad for the planet? I bet this packaging started from a pretty wild idea!

Source: Tomorrow Machine

April 1, 2015
by msnathan

Best New Thing In The World: Touchable Memories

115-990x500Image via Lost At E Minor

Ok so this isn’t actually new, the post I linked to above was written last November, but it is new to me and I think it is really awesome.

3D printing seems like such exciting technology, but I do wonder sometimes if it is that good an idea to be producing more plastic things that could end up in landfills. This idea from pirate3d though, of 3D printing copies of photos for blind folks so they can have a chance to see their memories again is fantastic!

Technology is just a tool. People give it a purpose. 

What a great way of looking at technology! What are your thoughts about 3D printing? Have you heard any innovative or exciting ways that people are using it? Let me know in the comments!

March 6, 2015
by msnathan

Best New Thing In The World: Coffee cups that grow!

Check out the video above to learn more about this super clever and planet friendly design idea! A group of people has made a prototype for a biodegradable coffee cup that has seeds in it so it will grow if you plant it. I would love to be able to choose these cups in New Zealand! If you go to their Kickstarter page you’ll see that lots of other people want this product as well, they’ve gone over their fundraising goal with 9 days left to go.

Would you use a coffee cup with seeds in it? Have you ever thought of something clever and helpful to design? Leave a comment with your answers!

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