May 13, 2015
by msnathan

What Are We Looking At?

CEGxhtoWYAMEstNImage via The Guardian

This morning I projected this image onto our board with the question “What are we looking at?” and it generated a lot of discussion. I think it’s really cool how creative we can be with making meaning when we only have images and not words to work with! Some of the suggestions for what it might be were: a spiderweb, broken projector screen, gunshot, space, a supernova, the inside of an atom or a city.

What do you see?

August 16, 2014
by msnathan

Homework Week 4, due Thursday 21st August

First up, watch this quick video explaining the Theseus Paradox or Theseus’s Ship. The guy talking is a little annoying but stick with it!

Here is another way to think about this paradox (remember, a paradox is a statement that appears to contradict itself yet could still be true):

Let’s say you build a ship using 100 pieces of wood. You name this ship “Ship” (obviously you’re a creative genius the likes of which the world has never seen). Every day, you take one wooden piece off Ship and replace it with a metal one. Eventually, you’ve replaced every single piece with a metal one. Now, what if you take all those wooden pieces and built a completely identical ship which you also name “Ship”? Which Ship is the real Ship?

– Your first task is to add your thoughts about this paradox in the comments section. You can either leave a comment or reply to someone else’s comment. Think about: do you think Theseus’s Ship is still his ship when parts have been replaced? If a new ship is built does that become the ship of Theseus? If so, when do you think it stops being Theseus’s Ship and starts being something new. Try to be detailed and clear in your response.

– Next, go to the Thunks website and read through some of the questions and statements then choose one you would like to debate on your blog. Post the ‘thunk’ on your blog (either copy and paste it into a post or retype it) and write what your thoughts are on it. Be detailed, give examples, think about it from different points of view before coming to a conclusion and reflect that in your writing.

– Discuss the ‘thunk’ with 2 or 3 people at home and summarise their thoughts on your blog.

– Choose three other blogs to read their philosophising and leave a comment with your thoughts on the ‘thunk’ they chose. Then, once some other people have also commented on it go back and leave one more reply. Also, try to reply to the comments people leave on your blog, too.

August 4, 2014
by msnathan

Asking the big questions.

This term students are taking even more of an active role in their learning and developing their own inquiry based around evaluating systems, models, plans and products. This is so broad! Like our surrealism work, we’ve started with some class thinking time to brainstorm ‘ungoogleable’ questions that could have many different answers (first two slides, the questions for the third are still to come) as well as challenging ourselves with divergent thinking by free association style brainstorming about a random topic and then making connections and extending our thinking down different paths (fourth & fifth slide).

What questions or ideas do these things make you think of?

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