May 1, 2014
by msnathan

I Want To Go To…

“My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”

– Diane Arbus


i want to go here1

i want to go here2

Photos via kate miss, shop ruche, kimberlykate miss & karen kimmel

Oops, I have gotten a little behind on my holiday blogging challenge posts but I am going to try and make up for that today! Somewhere I would love to go to is the Joshua Tree National Park in California. I have never been to the desert and there is something really amazing about the alien-like landscape there that I would love to experience. Especially if there were cacti in bloom and especially if I got to watch a sunset there. It looks pretty magical.


I don’t imagine there will be too much shade in the desert, so for my ‘Make’ post here’s a link to a simple little sun tent DIY. Go here to see how to make the a-frame and here to see how you could print your covers like the ones above. Personally, I’d be happy making one from a thrifted sheet or some other interesting old fabric that has a bit of a story to it. What a perfect spot to lie under with a book or for a quick nap!

April 25, 2014
by msnathan

5 Senses


Sight: Right now I’m watching Richard make us tortillas for dinner tonight (we’re having soft tacos, yum!) // I can’t stop looking at these incredible photos of famous places from above. I think the rice fields and tulip fields are my favourites.

Smell: Being the secret hippy that I am, I’m burning some cedar incense and it smells fantastic. // When I was a kid I had quite the sticker collection and still have a secret love for scratch and sniff. I’d love to get my hands on some of these!

Taste: Currently snacking on the chocolate chip cookies I made earlier today. I added a bit of sea salt to the batter and they taste amazing! // I would love to taste this if I could ever find it in New Zealand.

Sound: Richard is listening to one of our favourite radio shows, This American Life, while he cooks and I am listening along at the dining table as I blog. Listening to radio and podcasts is one of my best things to do and if you ever want to listen to This American Life I recommend starting with this gem (but anything with David Sedaris or Sarah Vowell is also excellent). // I would like to add this record to our collection.

Touch: As great as summer is, I really enjoy the colder seasons as it means wearing slippers, woollen hats and scarves and sitting on the couch under quilts. Putting warm socks and slippers on on a cold day is one of my most enjoyable feelings. // Even though the feel of these kinds of welcome mats spins me out a little, this donut rug DIY is pretty great.

This is my second Holiday Blogging Challenge post! Here’s the first one.

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