May 16, 2014
by msnathan

Homework Week 2-3, Due Thursday 22nd May

origami-tessellation-islamic-art-5Here is some inspiration for your tessellation homework this week. Remember, you need to recreate each of the five patterns on a full page in your maths book and colour at least two or three of them in. You don’t need to rotate the pattern, only repeat it. Of course, you can colour all of them if you like! Then, using a double page spread from your Maths book, recreate your favourite pattern and colour it ready to be displayed in our classroom. For more inspiration check out our Pinterest Art Board.

16 Islamic pattern mosaic





Reading Homework

I will also put this on our Edmodo Planner, but here is what your reading homework expectations are for this week.

Bridge To Terabithia – Read up to the end of chapter four.

Hatchet – Read up to the end of chapter four.

The Scorpio Races – Read up to the end of chapter fifteen.

Also, remember to sign up for Edmodo by Monday!

May 15, 2014
by msnathan

Social Learning: Edmodo


We know that some of the best learning happens when we learn from each other. We do this in lots of ways already – teaching someone a new game, class discussions, watching a tutorial online, sharing resources and even chatting with friends. In Room 27 we are really good at ako (the teacher as the learner and the learner as the teacher) as I learn things from the students all the time and see them teaching and learning from each other, all the time.

To help us continue our learning outside worksheets and traditional class activities we are going to start using Edmodo, a social learning platform. In lots of ways it is like Facebook (you can connect with each other, share ideas, comment on each others updates) and it is totally safe and secure.

To sign up for Edmodo if you haven’t already, go to the site and click on ‘I am a student’. Enter the following code 8ksq5n and fill out the rest of the sign up form.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3

Here is a screen grab with some of the important places for setting up your account. Try not to be jealous of my excellent online drawing skills 😉

Have fun and let me know how you find it in the comments or over the Room 27 Edmodo group!

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