October 23, 2015
by msnathan
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Mahi Kainga Week 2-3: Due Friday 30th October

primary-school-project2Image via here (definitely worth checking out this school design!)

This week your homework is:

1. Finish writing your blog post explaining our school design project so far. Remember, it must be clear what the project is and it must be clear that you’re trying to create a school that is inclusive & empowering.

– You can use photos, edit/embed your interview videos, create a Pinterest board, make a survey or anything else you can think of. Here is the start of a school design Pinterest board from last year, email me if you’d like the login details.

2. Login into Edmodo to chat with our friends from Florida and now Chicago, too. Check to see if anyone has responded to your posts and respond to one of the introductions from one of the kids from Florida and Chicago. 

3. Share a link to your school design blog post onto Edmodo, asking the other students to give you feedback. 

Extra for Experts

– Visit some of the other blogs from our class and give them feedback about their school design blog posts. 

– Do some research for our next Brave New World Minecraft session. What might the next mission be? How do other Minecraft communities work? Maybe practice building and gathering resources in your own world.

– Build up your maths knowledge and points by working through some problems in Khan Academy.

If you have forgotten any of your usernames or passwords, or would like to know how to get onto Pinterest and make a board, email me at rnathan@kns.school.nz

October 12, 2015
by msnathan

Ever felt like a fish in a tree?

Have you ever felt like a ‘fish in a tree’? Uncomfortable, out of place, like nobody understands you? Fish in a Tree is the title of our current class novel and so far we’ve been learning about Ally who definitely seems to feel like this at school. I think we’ve probably all felt like this at one point or another. Sharing this will hopefully help us realise that we’re not alone in feeling weird sometimes!

October 12, 2015
by msnathan

Can school truly be for everybody?

“Is there any harm to letting others who are a little bit different, shine in their own environment?”

We have started our term with the provocation “Can school truly be for everyone?” We have been thinking about what school even is, when learning has felt really good and keeping our key words for the term in mind: Inclusive & Empowered.



Yikes! I hope we can flip this idea through our design process!


After watching this clip we set off around our school to collect data. Any data! We could take notes on whatever we found interesting, important, concerning, exciting, even boring. That instruction was pretty broad and there was a lot of freedom. Our purpose was a bit more clear and specific, though. We then started to organise our data, thinking about how we could design a school that was inclusive and empowering.

We’re just at the data collection stage, but lots of kids in Room 27 are keen to work on the Empathize stage of design thinking by going and interviewing a wide range of people who use our school.

So far our biggest themes are:

– We would like more space and areas to play


– Project based learning

– Accessibility (it can be hard to find your way around our school)

– Places for rubbish

We’ll keep you posted!

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