March 14, 2016
by msnathan

Mahi Kāinga: Week 7 – 8, due Monday 21st March


Your mahi kāinga this week is to design ‘something’ to sell the house that you’re currently designing in our maths activity. You can do this on your blog (a post, slideshow, Prezi, Thinglink, Canva) or you could create a physical brochure/flyer/poster to bring in.

Things to include:

  • An address
  • A catchy title to draw the reader in
  • Images (you can find them online or draw them)
  • What the house comes with (eg stove, dishwasher, curtains, etc)
  • What else is in the area (eg schools, parks, shopping, etc)
  • 1 – 2 paragraphs persuading the buyer to come and look at the house
  • How the buyer would contact you

I would suggest looking at Trademe and/or the Property Press to help you think about what language to use when selling your house.

August 3, 2014
by msnathan

Student Voice: Maths learning.

It is really important that you as student play an active role in your learning so I would like to collect some data on your thoughts about maths learning.

Please fill in the form below and submit your answers. You can do this anonymously or include your name if you would like me to specifically address something with you or if you’d just like to put your name to your ideas. No one else will see your answers.

Once you have finished this, found your article and written your questions, head over to Khan Academy!

March 23, 2014
by msnathan

Water Crisis – Where do we fit?



– understand why someone might collect data about a problem or issue

– collect data and display data

– make a statement about the data we have collected

We have probably all been told that it is important to save water. Today we are going to inquire about our own water usage and compare it with countries that have less access to clean water than us.

Read these instructions carefully

1. To find out how much water you use on average daily, take turns in your group taking the water usage questionnaire. Record the amount in your book (e.g. Daily water usage for the Nathan/Brittain household: 138.54 gallons per day).

2. Divide this amount by the number of people who live in your house to find the average daily water usage per person (e.g. Average daily water usage in the Nathan/Brittain household per person: 46). Record this in your book, also. 

3. Visit and have a look at each of the ‘water facts’ and the info graphics that go with them. In your books, write down two interesting or surprising facts.

4. On a shared piece of paper, each person from your Maths group write down their name and their average daily water usage per person.

5. Using the shared data, in your books create a graph to display the average daily water usage per person for your maths group.

6. A jerry can, like you see in the top photo, carries 5 gallons of water.

– How many jerry cans would it take to gather the amount of water you use per person in your house each day

– How many jerry cans would it take to gather the water you use daily, for your whole house? 

– How many jerry cans would it take to gather the water you use daily, for your whole group?

7. On average, women and children in the developing world walk 6km (about 1 and a half hours) to gather water.

– How many kilometres would you have to walk to gather the water you use in your whole house, daily?

– List some ways it would impact your life if you and your mum had to walk to gather the water you use every day?


March 14, 2014
by msnathan

Homework – Week 6



“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” – Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is my all time favourite book. I love it because Harper Lee has a way of making the characters feel like they could be people that you know, or even yourself! It is about a young girl growing up in the South of America during Jim Crow, a time when black people had very few rights. Throughout the book her and her brother come across a rabid dog, a mysterious neighbour who may or may not be dangerous and watching their father who is a lawyer defend a black man when the whole town is against him. I first read this book when I started high school and I would recommend it for people looking to be challenged as well as entertained when they read.

Your homework for this week is to ‘sell me a book’. You can choose any book but it will work best for a book that you know well. We will be displaying these in the classroom so you may be as creative as you want with how you publish your ‘sales pitch’, think about what would catch someones eye and what kind of things have made you pick up a book and read it. Things to include could be an explanation of the characters, a blurb about the story, a recommendation about who you think the book would suit (age level, interests, other similar books) and your opinion – why did you like the book?

This is due Thursday, 20th March.

maths heart


Maths Homework

This week for your Maths homework I would like you to sign up to the Khan Academy. If you are under 13 years old you will need to ask your parents if you can use their email to set up your account. Once you have done so, please let me know in class what your username is. If you already have a login from last year, fantastic! Let me know your username, also.

Log in. First up you will need to unlock your dashboard by taking a quick pretest. Do this. It is ok to miss questions if you don’t know them. Once you have taken your pretest your dashboard should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 5.07.04 PM


For the rest of the week, spend around 15min (or more if you like!) logging into your account and selecting a skill to learn or practice. If you are not sure how to do something, you can either switch to something else or watch the videos that come with each type of question. As you work you will begin to fill in your mission progress bar.

Leave a comment on this blog post explaining something new you have learnt or something you have been practicing using the Khan Academy.

Good luck!

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