May 16, 2016
by msnathan

Art: A colour story

Frida Kahlo Colour Story

Time Markers for the tutorial

0:25sec – getting your canvas (white background) to start on.

0:46sec – opening up your paintings

1:02 – making your image smaller

1:12 – selecting your image so that you can copy it

1:21 – pasting your image onto your background

1:24 – moving your image around the background

2:34 – how to move your images around and what layers do

3:02 – how to join all your layers together before adding colours

3:21 – creating a new layer for your first colour

3:30 – creating your colour palette

5:17 – adding a new layer for your second (and third, etc) colour

5:53 – moving the coloured circles

7:12 – moving a circle you aren’t working on right now

Here is the link to our Pinterest board that you might want to use to help you choose a painter to explore.


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