July 25, 2014
by msnathan

Surrealism & Creative Thinking

This term we are going to be driving a lot of our own learning through a big, open, creative inquiry process. We’re starting the term off by exercising our brains and trying to get ourselves to think outside the box. What better way to do this than by taking inspiration from famous rule breakers, The Surrealists. I mean, Hannah Höch was even called art’s first punk and you don’t get more rebellious, creative or innovative than that!

We’ve started by creating some Tristan Tzara inspired Dadaist poetry and then some Max Ernst style surreal collage. Here’s a slideshow of our inspiration (you can also find it on our Pinterest page) for you to check out, too! Soon we’ll share our creations on here and our own blogs, or you could follow us on Twitter or the hashtag #room27creates to see what we come up with.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this weird and wonderful art movement. Maybe you could share a word you might use to describe the collages in the comments. Some we came up with were ‘trippy’ & ‘random’!

May 7, 2014
by msnathan


windowWe have started reading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness this term, and it opens with a description of a young boy being visited by a frightening monster just after midnight. The author does a great job of describing how the boy feels in the lead up to the reveal of the monster and it got us thinking about fear.

fear wordsEach of us brainstormed any words, ideas or phrases that we could think of to do with fear and shared them with the class. Some great discussion points came out of it such as ‘Is death at the root of all fear?’ and the idea that what is really scary is the unknown and the feeling we get right before something scary happens. After sharing our ideas we used the Diamante Poem structure to write a poem that conveyed a feeling of fear. It basically happened by everyone just calling out words and thoughts as they had them and then we edited after. It’s cool how poetry doesn’t really have any rules and that you don’t have to over think it but sometimes just go with your gut. We then each wrote our own poems, and shared our favourite nouns, verbs and adjectives so that we can share our knowledge and have a bank of words to all choose from.

Up the top there is our poem. Creepy, huh?

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