October 23, 2015
by msnathan
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Mahi Kainga Week 2-3: Due Friday 30th October

primary-school-project2Image via here (definitely worth checking out this school design!)

This week your homework is:

1. Finish writing your blog post explaining our school design project so far. Remember, it must be clear what the project is and it must be clear that you’re trying to create a school that is inclusive & empowering.

– You can use photos, edit/embed your interview videos, create a Pinterest board, make a survey or anything else you can think of. Here is the start of a school design Pinterest board from last year, email me if you’d like the login details.

2. Login into Edmodo to chat with our friends from Florida and now Chicago, too. Check to see if anyone has responded to your posts and respond to one of the introductions from one of the kids from Florida and Chicago. 

3. Share a link to your school design blog post onto Edmodo, asking the other students to give you feedback. 

Extra for Experts

– Visit some of the other blogs from our class and give them feedback about their school design blog posts. 

– Do some research for our next Brave New World Minecraft session. What might the next mission be? How do other Minecraft communities work? Maybe practice building and gathering resources in your own world.

– Build up your maths knowledge and points by working through some problems in Khan Academy.

If you have forgotten any of your usernames or passwords, or would like to know how to get onto Pinterest and make a board, email me at rnathan@kns.school.nz

May 30, 2014
by msnathan

Homework Week 4-6: Due Thursday 12th June

This video is an awesome example of how design can impact how people behave. Take a look!

Design Challenge!

 Your job this week is to design your ideal school environment. This will be both your regular and maths homework as you will draw on your research and geometry skills.

 1. Create a blog post of images that you are drawing your inspiration from. You could include the colours you like, interesting outdoor environments, buildings that inspire you, new technology or even furniture that you think would work well for learning. Leave feedback in the comments for 5 different blog posts. DUE THURSDAY 5th JUNE.

 2. Your design must follow the following specifications:

– Room for 800-1000 students plus staff (Remember that not all students and staff will necessarily be in a classroom at all times).

– Include recreational areas as well as learning areas (or these might overlap!)

– Consider how to not use up too much space (area).

 3. To hand in:

– A birds eye view or scaled drawing of your school, clearly labelled. Include all buildings, play areas, trees, etc. A3 – A2 sized.

– One floor plan of a building of your choice. Include possible furniture, materials you might use.

– 3 designs for a piece of furniture or equipment (in either 2D or 3D).

– The design for a new piece of learning technology. Be creative!

– A sales pitch promoting your school. Include what the environment is like, any special features, why you think it will be good for learning. A pamphlet, a paragraph in your book, a video, a blog post, a 3d model that you can present to the class, a powerpoint presentation or anything else you can think of!

For inspiration, head over to our School Design board on Pinterest that I will be adding to over the next few weeks. You could even create your own Pinterest account to store images that you like. There is also a collection of photos inside cool schools here. Or, you might use search terms like ‘futuristic school design’, ‘innovative school design’, ‘clever school design’, ‘modern school furniture’, etc.

I will continue to post links and info on our blog and directly to you on Edmodo to help support you in your design project. Remember, think about how you like to learn and what environment you would like to learn in.

4cb2fdb011ce76.74613412Detailed floor plan for the amazing Orestad College in Copenhagen, Denmark.

EK-AH547_DANSCH_G_20120118210428And here’s what it looks like filled with kids. More photos over here!

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