May 27, 2015
by msnathan
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Pinterest Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial to help you learn how to pin things to our Pinterest page or boards. I’m sorry the quality isn’t great on this one, not sure what happened. I look forward to seeing who you add to the Change Makers board!

Time Markers

1:34 – explanation of boards on Pinterest

2:24 – How to pin from within Pinterest

4:09 – How to pin from outside Pinterest (things you find on the web)

8:26 – How to pin using the Pinterest button (this keeps crashing so not a great choice)

March 24, 2014
by msnathan

Homework – Week 8

My-Little-Pony-GIFs-random-28327334-500-500I am so glad that you are all really excited about blogging. I’m sure for some of you that excitement might still be mixed with confusion and terror, but never fear because hopefully this weeks homework will help you start to feel a little more comfortable with the whole process.

I know that you all have a lot to say and a blog is an awesome way to get your voice out there. But, before we all dive in it is a good idea to have a look at other blogs so we know what ‘good’ looks like. Just like in offline writing it is important to read, read, read to make your writing better, it is important to do the same when it comes to blogging. It is also a helpful way to pick up tips and tricks from experienced bloggers.

For this weeks homework you have two tasks. The first is going to be looking at some student bloggers and hopefully getting ideas for your own blog. The second, will be putting this all into action in tidying up and creating some content for your blog.

Task One (due Thursday)

– Follow this link to an earlier post I wrote about student bloggers. All the instructions for this task are in that post.

Task Two

In the menu under the header and above this post you will notice a new page called ‘Blogging Tips & Tricks’. If you visit it you will find the start of a list full of various tips and tutorials that you can use to make your blog awesome! There are two videos that I have made which have everything you need to know to be able to complete this task.

By Thursday please complete the following:

– Delete the ‘Sample Page’ and ‘Sample Post’ that your blog came with when you first started it.

– Create your ‘About’ page and submit for approval. It should include who you are, things you are interested in, what you will likely be writing about and maybe a photo/photos and links if you like.

– Write a post about something you are passionate about or interested in. Here is my example for you to read and get ideas from. It must include at least one photo/image and at least one link to another website. If there is something suitable, also try to include a YouTube clip into your blog post.

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